International Arrivals: Tel Aviv

After about 24 hours I'm finally in Israel.

On Monday, we left Bloomington at about 3pm EST, arrived at Indy airport at around 4pm EST, took off at 7:40pm EST, arrived in Toronto at about 9pm EST, left at 11:40pm EST and got to Israel at 6pm Israel time on Tuesday. Phew. Lots of stop and goes, but I did collect two new stamps on my passport, Canada (seriously?) and Israel.

Overall the journey was uneventful, just the typical smelling of perfume and cologne at the duty free shop in Canada. Once in Israel, I passed through customs smoothly and got my bags. The tour group then headed to the bus going to Tel Aviv. During the ride to the city I got the same vibe as when we arrived in Istanbul. It must be that Mediterranean thing going on.

Once at our hotel, we were treated to a dinner buffet. This was a good buffet. There was a large selection of vegetables/produce which is something I was actually craving. This ranged from chopped bell peppers,  olives, pickles, cabbage, fennel, lima beans, corn and much more. Additionally there was some meat products including fish and beef. It was very good, and if this meal is any indication of the next eleven days, I will be eating very well.

After dinner, Kristen and I took a walk on the Tel Aviv promenade right next to the Mediterranean. It was very nice and made me think of San Diego. We then slipped into a small food mart and got some delicious nuts, seeds and few chocolate bars for later. We then made our way back to the hotel stopping at McDonald's to scope out what different types of burgers/sandwiches they have. There was a McFalafel wrap which I suppose is fairly unique. I don't think I'll be seeing it in Bloomington anytime soon.

All in all, it's been great so far and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Until then, Shalom!

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