Another Long Day

Additionally, it's another day without internet. Therefore this Blackberry typed blog post will have to do.

We started our day off early in Jerusalem and began our journey. Since today was Sunday, it was the first day of the workweek. This caused a decent amount of traffic on our way to Nazareth.
Nazareth was very interesting. One of the first "welcome" signs was one that stated essentially, convert to Islam or else. What a welcome! After that we went to the main Church in Nazareth. It was very beautiful. Each country in the world with a Christian presence donated a mural that reflected the style of Christianity in that country.

From there we headed to the city of Tibiras. We strolled along the waters edge and had a nice lunch of falafel and strawberries.

After we stopped at various Christian religious sites. One church as at the top of a large mountain/hill and we had the opportunity to hike down. On the way down I was amazed how much it was like San Diego in terms of weather and plant life.

To finish the day we first went to a hilltop in Golan that overlooked Syria. After we went to a winery and had the chance to try three different types of wine and enjoy the company.

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