Whoa! Almost 25% Done!

Somewhere along the line I've manage to (almost!) make it through this semester. Right now as I sit here getting ready for Thanksgiving, looking back it's hard to believe how much I've done. Last week was case competition week. It was very very busy but fun week. The overview of the case we presented was as such: Eaton has hybrid drives for buses and wants to introduce them in a choice of three markets. Our job was to pick a country and develop an entry method. While my team didn't move on to the second round, I was satisfied with our presentation and the choices we made. We'll get them next time.

Additionally, we were able to meet last Thursday and Friday with alumni who are on the board for the Business Marketing Academy which I'm in. Meeting alumni is always a good thing. We are able to develop connections as well as see that there is hope for us in the future!

Well as the last three weeks approach, I'm getting myself mentally prepared for the five finals that wait for me at the end. Once done with that, I'll know that I'm 25% through business school and also have a few weeks off to rest for the next semester.

Almost there...

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