Week Two

I think. For all I know this could have been week two, week five or maybe week 5,000. When you're processing as much information and reading as we are, if you're head isn't spinning you're not doing it right!

Seriously though, this MBA stuff is hard work. Not unbearable, not unmanageable, just difficult. The list of things to do is a mile long and not all of it is going to get done. I could be completely wrong, but being hard is probably the point. In the "real world" there is always a huge to do list, and not everything can be done. Rather you learn to prioritize and decide on what really needs to get done.

This week was a busy one. First there were the standard core classes. Critical thinking, excel class, accounting, economics and more. We had a case on a wheelchair company and a "fruity" tram company. In addition to classes I also interview for the Student Advisory Council which is the group that shows prospective students around the campus when they come and visit. We'll find out next week whether I'm accepted to be a member.

Friday was rough, we had a eight hour presentation on presentations. It was long, and that's about all to say about that.

Friday night and Saturday night consisted of hanging out with friend or rather "networking". From now on whenever I'm not studying, I'm networking. Of course sometimes I'm networking with my futon, but that's another story...


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