Week One - Done

Fifteen more to go.

What a week. This is definitely one of those weeks that you look back on and have no idea how you made it through. There were multiple case studies about wine, aluminum, and fancy electrical motor products. There was accounting, finance and large quantities of Excel. Business school so far reminds me of my first semester of business in undergraduate. The only difference is that three undergraduate weeks equals a single graduate week.

Aside from all the work, we have to worry about our careers too. As for me, my career prospects are undergoing an evolutionary process. While I come from a finance background, my peers, my career test results and heart all say I should be in be in marketing. I think it may be time to jump off of the ledge and try out some marketing. I think it's something I could really excel at.

From a personal standpoint I haven't done too much other than school related activities. I did go to Indiana's soccer game v. Saint John's on Friday to see a double overtime tie. Pictures will follow later as usual.

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