Staying Alfloat.

From the beginning I knew the Core was going to be difficult. How could it not with eight subjects, plus leadership components and a career search all mashed into a single semester? Well, I'm getting into the thick of now. In a way I'm beginning to get back to a school mode which nice. However, I also find it difficult to believe that it's been five years since I was in school full time. Anyway, enough lamenting. School is tough, but it's good. I'm learning a lot and reinforcing what I've already known.

This week has been breezing by so far. Tomorrow is the halfway point and it feels like it just began. Part of the reason it's been speeding by is yesterday was a wasted afternoon/night.

When we got home yesterday around 1pm, we heard some water running. Turns out a pipe burst upstairs and let out 200+ gallons of water everywhere. Water was leaking from the ceiling, leaking from the walls and pretty much everywhere it could escape from upstairs. To make a long story short, our upstairs neighbor is in a hotel for the next few days. That and we have some new roommates, namely two shop fans and a dehumidifier. No longer will I wonder what it would be like to do graduate school work inside an engine room!

Other than that, all is well.

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