Had Fun, But Week Four Is Done!

Week four, otherwise known as the toughest week yet. Why was it tough? We had two tests, that's why.

Tuesday: Accounting test. Get a good score or else. The or else? You take it again, and again and again. That is until you pass. Fortunately I passed (and did well the first time).

Friday: Quantitative Analysis test. Yep I've been doing Excel for the last five years right? I should be able to handle this easy right? No. The Excel stuff was alright. It wasn't hard, but it took a lot of time. That was half of the test. The other has was hard. Probabilities, stats and much more. What made it really challenging was going at quick pace, it would probably take about 3.5 hours to complete the test. We had 3 hours. I think for the majority of the class, it rocked our world.

Once Friday night rolled around we were off to play some flag football in the mud. It was the first years versus the second years. After a quick 0-14 deficit to the 2nd years, we rallied back and won the game 28-21.

So those were the highlights. Bring on week five.

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