Had Fun, But Week Four Is Done!

Week four, otherwise known as the toughest week yet. Why was it tough? We had two tests, that's why.

Tuesday: Accounting test. Get a good score or else. The or else? You take it again, and again and again. That is until you pass. Fortunately I passed (and did well the first time).

Friday: Quantitative Analysis test. Yep I've been doing Excel for the last five years right? I should be able to handle this easy right? No. The Excel stuff was alright. It wasn't hard, but it took a lot of time. That was half of the test. The other has was hard. Probabilities, stats and much more. What made it really challenging was going at quick pace, it would probably take about 3.5 hours to complete the test. We had 3 hours. I think for the majority of the class, it rocked our world.

Once Friday night rolled around we were off to play some flag football in the mud. It was the first years versus the second years. After a quick 0-14 deficit to the 2nd years, we rallied back and won the game 28-21.

So those were the highlights. Bring on week five.

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Week Three: Fin

Made it through another week. This is about the time that things start to heat up. I think from now for the next several weeks, we have consecutive test after test. That should be a fantastic time.

This week was more of the same, but further in depth. Apparently in accounting, we are at the point that I was at the end of undergraduate. It sure doesn't feel that way. I have a little bit of studying to do in order to catch up to where I want to be. That feeling applies to all of my classes. It may seem like I'm behind, but when I speak to my classmates, everyone has the same feeling. No worries, we'll all survive.

One of the highlights of my week was dinner tonight. The International Business Society hosted a dinner of four world dishes. We had Bruschetta (Bru-sketa) from Italy, Yum Woon Sen from Thailand (glass noodles and other good stuff), Tamales from Mexico and a Tomato Stew from Nigeria. Very different and very good. All in all a good time and a good conclusion to the week.

Bring on week four!

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Kelley School of Business

The Godfrey Center
This is my new home.

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Week Two

I think. For all I know this could have been week two, week five or maybe week 5,000. When you're processing as much information and reading as we are, if you're head isn't spinning you're not doing it right!

Seriously though, this MBA stuff is hard work. Not unbearable, not unmanageable, just difficult. The list of things to do is a mile long and not all of it is going to get done. I could be completely wrong, but being hard is probably the point. In the "real world" there is always a huge to do list, and not everything can be done. Rather you learn to prioritize and decide on what really needs to get done.

This week was a busy one. First there were the standard core classes. Critical thinking, excel class, accounting, economics and more. We had a case on a wheelchair company and a "fruity" tram company. In addition to classes I also interview for the Student Advisory Council which is the group that shows prospective students around the campus when they come and visit. We'll find out next week whether I'm accepted to be a member.

Friday was rough, we had a eight hour presentation on presentations. It was long, and that's about all to say about that.

Friday night and Saturday night consisted of hanging out with friend or rather "networking". From now on whenever I'm not studying, I'm networking. Of course sometimes I'm networking with my futon, but that's another story...


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Staying Alfloat.

From the beginning I knew the Core was going to be difficult. How could it not with eight subjects, plus leadership components and a career search all mashed into a single semester? Well, I'm getting into the thick of now. In a way I'm beginning to get back to a school mode which nice. However, I also find it difficult to believe that it's been five years since I was in school full time. Anyway, enough lamenting. School is tough, but it's good. I'm learning a lot and reinforcing what I've already known.

This week has been breezing by so far. Tomorrow is the halfway point and it feels like it just began. Part of the reason it's been speeding by is yesterday was a wasted afternoon/night.

When we got home yesterday around 1pm, we heard some water running. Turns out a pipe burst upstairs and let out 200+ gallons of water everywhere. Water was leaking from the ceiling, leaking from the walls and pretty much everywhere it could escape from upstairs. To make a long story short, our upstairs neighbor is in a hotel for the next few days. That and we have some new roommates, namely two shop fans and a dehumidifier. No longer will I wonder what it would be like to do graduate school work inside an engine room!

Other than that, all is well.

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Week One - Done

Fifteen more to go.

What a week. This is definitely one of those weeks that you look back on and have no idea how you made it through. There were multiple case studies about wine, aluminum, and fancy electrical motor products. There was accounting, finance and large quantities of Excel. Business school so far reminds me of my first semester of business in undergraduate. The only difference is that three undergraduate weeks equals a single graduate week.

Aside from all the work, we have to worry about our careers too. As for me, my career prospects are undergoing an evolutionary process. While I come from a finance background, my peers, my career test results and heart all say I should be in be in marketing. I think it may be time to jump off of the ledge and try out some marketing. I think it's something I could really excel at.

From a personal standpoint I haven't done too much other than school related activities. I did go to Indiana's soccer game v. Saint John's on Friday to see a double overtime tie. Pictures will follow later as usual.

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The Week is Moving Along

Another day another assignment. Tonight and tomorrow will take a different turn as it isn't school work we have to worry about, but rather career work. Tonight we had to meet with many different prospective employers for round-tables. Essentially, it was a hour and a half schmoozing event, which is definitely fun and useful. Tomorrow we have more round-tables, except we have a set itinerary. I'm looking forward to it as there are many interesting companies that I'm excited to establish contact with.

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