The Final Post

After 100 days, four continents and many countries, we are finished with our trip.

Check out the posts from each of the countries:
Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Monaco, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Hungary, plus the United States. (That's 27 countries)

Throughout the course of the trip, I took about 20,000 pictures. As you can tell I enjoy taking pictures. The really good ones can be found on Flickr here. The ones of Kristen and I can be found on Picasa here. And the rest are on my hard drive and will be sorted through every so often.

Cities Visited:
1. United States of America
San Diego, Los Angeles
2. Japan
Tokyo, Hakone, Takayama, Kyoto, Kurashiki, Osaka, Nara, Fukuoka
3. Singapore
4. Thailand
Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Lop Buri, River Kwai
5. Cambodia
Siem Reap
6. India
Hyderabad, Secunderbad, Varanasi, Sarnath, New Delhi, Agra
7. Germany
Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Rothenberg o.d.T, Gorlitz
8. Italy
Rome Airport
9. Turkey
10. Netherlands
Amsterdam, Haarlem
11. Denmark
12. Sweden
Malmo, Gothenburg
13. Norway
14. Belgium
15. Luxembourg
Luxembourg City
16. France
Dijon, Lyon, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Cannes, Paris, Fontainbleu
17. Monaco
Monaco City
18. Morocco
19. Spain
Barcelona, Madrid
20. Portugal
Lisbon, Sintra
21. Poland
22. Czech Republic
23. Austria
Vienna, Graz
24. Slovakia
25. Slovenia
26. Croatia
27. Hungary

Things I Won’t Miss When I Get Home
Having to carry a railpass like it’s a part of me
The stench of having to wear a tshirt a few days in a row
Having to fight my way through queues, especially on Ryanair and EasyJet
The poor U.S. conversion rate to everything
The need to carry all my worldly possessions on my back and then moving all those said possessions every one, two or three days
Looking for a cheap place to eat that won’t get us sick (more in India)
Needing to find a new place to sleep every few nights
Walking around looking like a giant sack of money to many people I meet

What I Will Miss When I Get Home
Seeing and experiencing new things every single day
The opportunity to try new foods all the time
The game of finding a good quality to cost ratio for food and hotels
New photo opportunities at every corner
The train system in Europe and Japan and the awkwardly endearing quality of Thai trains
First class trains in Europe
Cheap food in Thailand
Seeing a new country every so often
Not having to think of work
Visiting countries, cities and sights that I have only dreamed about seeing

It was a great trip, a truly once in a lifetime experience, though maybe one day I'll be able to do it again!


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