The Story of Hansel and Gretel

Today we were Hansel and Gretel in the Czech wilderness. However, first like any good story you have to understand the background.

We got up this morning and Kristen, Nathan and I did our usual routine of going down to breakfast right after we woke up. After Nathan got all his luggage and supplies together to head back to England. Kristen and I then escorted him on the subway to boot him out of the country.

After we bid adieu to him (for a few weeks at least), we went on our merry way to fill in all the cracks of Prague goodness we missed yesterday. The first item was to walk up the immensely large Petrin Hill to see a rip-off version of the Eiffel Tower and eat sandwiches Kristen made using burgled hotel breakfast supplies.

While the top wasn't too exciting, the trip up and down was. There are cherry and apple trees all over on the path leading up the hill, so we got our fill of free cherries and apples provided by Prague City.

Once finished we wandered around the city some more and headed back to the hotel around 5pm for some much needed rest.

At 6:30 is when our story really begins. Behind our hotel is a very large forest. I had been eyeing it since we got here. So we set off on a quick pre-dinner hike. I figured we would be gone for about an hour, but we hiked too far. There were too many paths and not enough memory on our part. Additionally, the GPS was safely tucked into bed in our hotel room. After wandering for quite a while and having numerous conferences of how desperately lost we were, we finally made it back to the hotel just as light was disappearing from the forest at about 9:30pm. Let's just say we almost turned into Bear Grylls.

Fortunately, we returned just in time to have a fabulous dinner of fresh picked Golden Delicious apples, oil kissed potatoes and imported English chocolate. Actually, it wasn't just in time at all. The restaurant by our hotel was closed. Our hotel bar wasn't selling food. Our dinner really was apples, potato chips and some leftover chocolate Nathan got us. It was very very sad.

Other than that, it was a pretty fun day and we're looking forward to Vienna as well as destroying the hotel breakfast tomorrow in retribution for not serving us food. That'll teach them for closing early and not giving us the candy house we so deserved.
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