She's Staying in Budapest

From 07.20.09 Budapest 2
It's with great sadness and cautious optimism to tell you Kristen is going to be staying here in Budapest. She has purchased a meat shop and will be selling all sorts of fatty meats to old Hungarian ladies and construction workers. Remember, if you visit her during one of the bitterly cold days here during December, please ask her for a sample of her Disznósajt. It's her favorite.

Seriously though, we're off to Paris tomorrow. That may be a place I have a hard time prying her away from.

As for today we were lucky. We got great weather once again which made our climb up Castle Hill bearable. We also got to the Fisherman's Bastion before heading down to the local market where the above photo was taken.

Afterward, it was back to our hotel with some ice cream cones before Kristen had to be put down for her nap (she took some anti-histamine and was sleepy). Once she awoke we headed off to dinner and for one final stroll around the beautiful streets of Budapest.

It's very enjoyable here. In the wikitravel guide it states that this is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I would have to agree. What is even more remarkable is that it has been out of Communist control for only twenty years after forty years of being behind the curtain. For a vacation destination I would definitely recommend it. I believe it slips past as a destination for many American tourists and it shouldn't it's a fun place with a lot to see.

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