Oh Sweet Mother of God, We're in Eastern Europe!

Because we can't stay put for 2-3 days we needed something to do with all of our time we scheduled for Vienna. Eastern Europe anyone?! Bratislava, Slovakia is just about an hour from Vienna, and has great connections to Vienna's train stations. Our apartment manager thought we were crazy for spending our limited time in Vienna by going but we want to make sure we see as much as we can.

Although it has been awhile since the curtain fell, I think we were both expecting a trip like this:

Not so! Bratislava was a nice and refreshingly small capital city. The people we met were super friendly and everyone tried to help us get around. We had added the Wikitravel guide to the Reader but used it sparingly. We glanced at the map we got at the station along with the guide to local monuments and set off.

So like all the rest of the tourists, we made sure to hit Bratislava castle that offered stunning views of the river. Like everything else on our trip so far, the castle was undergoing major renovations. Although that worked to our favor, allowing us to see the view and some of the facade for free.

Then it was off to the historic part of town, where we saw the city's major churches, squares and statues. Not falling into the trap of paying exhoribant prices for food in the touristy part of town we headed to the square outside of Tesco for Bratislava's junk food, Richman sandwiches. The equivalent to a warm Subway sandwich with tons of mayo and pickles and such. Charlton got a yummy spinach cake one and mine was ham and cheese. Super filling and pretty tasty. Then it was off to get some ice cream to fight off the heat. Couldn't beat the .50 euro price either!

Then back to the train station, where we caught a warm train back to Vienna. Both of us were extremely hot, it was in the 90s, so we relaxed in the apartment to try to stay away from the heat. With reliable internet, we were also able to watch a webinar put on by our school and make dinner here of salad, garlic soup and goulash.

After the webinar and it had cooled off outside, we headed to Schonbrunn Schloss. We walked around the beautiful gardens for as long as I could take since I was being mauled by mosuitoes. After Charlton was sick of my crying we headed home for me to apply a generous coating of Benadryl to my bites.

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