Just Another Day in Paris

Starting off, I have a new policy after today. I am going to only have tarts for breakfast. They are so much more satisfying than a plain old croissant. So today it was a peach and pistachio tart and it was good.

After breakfast it was time to head off to wander around Saint Chapelle and attempt to see a case or two being tried at the Palais de Justice. However, I was foiled four times. Three times by police officers who where nice enough to tell me where the tourist entrance was, and once by a snooty guard ("This door is for French people, and you are NOT French!"... I don't know if he said it, but he was probably thinking it.)

After my run it with the law we strolled around Notre Dame until lunchtime. For lunch we had quiches and enjoyed our lunch in the Luxembourg Gardens. After lunch, we napped.

Once finished resting, we headed off to walk to the Eiffel Tower. Along the way we came across numerous stores, bread shops and choclatiers... and then (drip), (drop), it began to rain. We proceeded to hop on a train, only to find we had to catch a but to get to where we wanted to go for dinner.

After our dinner of pate, chicken and pot de creme, we headed back home to plot what to do tomorrow. While heading home we were caught in a rain storm. We finally made it home after a bit, however we looked like drowned rats in the process. Comes with territory I suppose.

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