It's Over!

One hundred days we have been gone. Tomorrow is the last (half) day before we head back to San Diego. Along the way we have done a lot of things that neither of us every believed we would get a chance to do. Today was one of those days.

About a month ago when we were in Monaco waiting for a train we had taken a look at a Tour de France t-shirt for sale at a shop. While looking at the tour schedule we noticed that the race ended on July 26th. Both of us looked at each other and said "hey, we're going to be in Paris on the 26th!".

So today we decided to stay in Paris a few hours longer and watch the end of the tour. Pretty much how it works is the final stage is today and they start nearby Paris and work their way into the city. Once there they do eight laps on the Champs-Élysées and a few other surrounding roads.

At around noon we found a nice spot on Rue Rivoli where they were going to do their laps. While Kristen was posted up there I headed off and walked to the finish line at the Arc de Triomphe. Once there I got us some swanky cycling hats and headed back to keep Kristen company while we waited for the riders.

Before the riders came, we got a chance to watch a huge parade for all the team sponsors. We saw such fun stuff as giant inflatable cyclists and other gaudy displays.

At about 4pm we finally caught sight of the many cyclists. Eight times we saw them. It was exciting and amazing how fast they go by in person. I was pretty happy because this was a good photo opportunity for me (see the photos above and below). Also, it's not everyday that you're a few feet away from Lance Armstrong himself.

Once the riders finished their eight laps and tour itself we hustled our way to our train to Frankfurt. Boy, did we hustle but we made it to our train in the nick of time. By that time we were pretty worn out, but fortunately it was another first class ICE experience. We got dinner and rest so in other words we got exactly what we needed.

We're here in Frankfurt ready for our last half day tomorrow (or today now). In the next week keep checking back as we are going to put together our final thoughts and links to pictures, slide shows and other trip related items.

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Anonymous Frederick said...

A tear came to my eye, as I read your ending comments, as this 1st experience, (and a huge one) can't be repeated. Yup you can & may some day do it again, but that then is just a repeat... Gone is being 28 and roaming the world, and there is nothing like the first time experience, especially when you have no image of what it will be like. And so on back to the good old US of A ..... as the song goes "Back to life , Back to reality, Back to the Here n now"
I'm sad no more daily stories of Where's Waldo n Karma San Diego ........LvDadfritz

27 July, 2009 11:54  

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