Days Go By

Well it's been a few day since Kristen or I have had the motivation to put up anything. Part of the problem was yesterday. It rained all day so not that much interesting was going on. Basically, we got up to head to Fontainebleau which is about 40km outside of Paris. We ended up taking the train there and back, because as soon as we got there the rain started and didn't let up until we got back to Paris. So bummer.

Next, we headed to Bercy Village to do a little wandering through some Parisian stores. Once again more rain.

After the rain mercifully ended, we went off to get some dinner. I had the taste for duck confit and fortunately we found a cheap place that had it on their 10 Euro prie fixe menu. Boy was our dinner an experience in economics. We observed the following:

- Host of the restaurant calling in customers like a beckoning cat (I know, a huge warning sign, but I wanted duck confit)
- My "appetizer" consisting of four of the thinnest slices of salami ever
- Kristen's food was cold in the middle (heat lamps just don't make it all the way through)
- My dessert frommage was a tiny sliver of Brie
- The rain started again while we were eating and the ten Euro menu "disappeared" from the front

That was a shady restaurant, but like I said, I got duck confit.

End of yesterday.

This morning Kristen and I started off with a espresso and croissant then went our separate ways for a few hours. I spent my time trying to get to see a trial in the Palais de Justice. After I learned I would have to come back at 1:30pm, I rented a bike from Paris' free bike rental service. I spent the next hour riding from place to place trying to not get run over. It was a lot of fun and felt like I was really "at one" with the city. I'll have to try to do it again before I leave.

I'm sure Kristen will chime in with what she had going on while I was away, but I'll let her do that.

The rest of the day consisted of the trial. Basically in the French system, you can go watch a trial as a member of the public. There are three judges and each trial lasts about twenty minutes (you did this, you get "X" days in jail). The trial was capped off with the defendant crying at the end. Informative and a little bit sad, but a different experience.

After we were done with that, we headed back to our room to rest for a bit before dinner. On our way to dinner we passed through Luxembourg Gardens and heard some sweet music. We had come across a Russian-Jewish music band, Oy Division. We scrapped our immediate dinner plans to listen to their music for a little while.

Once finished with the music and dinner, we went to Shakespeare's, which is a nice bookstore on the Seine that Kristen found earlier today. After, we had our share of relaxing there we made our way back home to rest up for tomorrow, our last full day in Paris!

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