Croatian Friday Night

Twilight, its that magic hour between day and night. Last night, it truly was magical. We were sitting in the garden of our hostel, sipping lemonade, while a small band played Croatian music. The hostel staff was dancing in a circle with some of the other guests. It wasn't too long and were were drawn into the crowd to dance. For a moment we weren't concerned about the heat or the mosquitoes. We were just in the moment and it was so special.

But let me tell you how we got to be in such a special place. We left Maribor around 9 and hopped on the train and transferred all morning until we got to Zagreb, Croatia at about 1. We took the tram to our hostel, dropped off the bags and then started to getting to work. Charlton got our blogs posted from the night before, and I washed all our dirty clothes in the sink so we could utilize the clothes line here and the hot sun.

Once our chores were done, we headed down the road to the Kaufman to get lunch. We got cheeseburgers from the little cafe attached to the Kaufman, as they were recommended by the waiter. They were HUGE and gave us the energy to go see the town.

First up, was the Mirogoj, Zagreb's central cemetery. The heat was really getting to me on the way there, so I sat under a tree with a book while Charlton ran around and took some pictures. Then it we took the tram to the center of town. We walked around for awhile and got to see the city. Then back to Kaufman to pick up some supplies for dinner and for lunch on the train to Budapest.

Then back at the hostel the magic began! I got our pasta boiling and we just sat back. Dinner wasn't fantastic due to the weird pasta sauce. But we didn't care, how often do you get to have a free concert right where you are staying?! A definite bright spot on the trip!

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