Bonjour Paris...

we're back! It's been 2 years and 3 months but here we are. I gave up my meat stand in Budapest so I could come! Having hit all the major sites last time around, we can truly just be Parisian for the next few days. Our pension is directly across from Luxembourg Garden, from our balcony (yes, we have a balcony!) I can see the garden and a cute little shopping street. We grabbed some lovely baguettes from a boulangerie around the corner and ate them under a tree in the garden. J'adore Paris!

Although, if you had talked to me this morning I don't know if we would have made it here! We left the hostel about 15 minutes late and didn't have enough cash for a cab, or enough change for the tram. So we walked as fast as humanly possible with our packs and got to the station a minute before our train pulled away. We were still laughing at our good luck when we pulled up to the next station and a band of chainsaw wielding gypsies and a drunk man filed into our car. I looked over at Charlton with eyes as big as dinner plates and mouthed, "we're going to die!" Thankfully the gypsies were too busy admiring their new chainsaws acquired from who knows where to pay us any attention. We hopped off at the airport and then did the normal RyanAir dog and pony show to get here to Paris.

So happy to be here, and so happy we can just be. I wont have to pack my bag again until Sunday and in the mean time I will try not to fall in Dior!

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