Berliner for a Day

As stated below Kristen and I took the "day off" from traveling and just relaxed here in Berlin, or in Hermsdorf more specifically. Up until 5pm the highlights of our day included:

- Taking a shower
- Doing laundry
- Surfing the internet
- Petting Butch the cat
- Eating lunch

After 5pm things got more interesting. We headed off to a marketplace and got some delicious Greek food and after a long post-dinner walk we saw such Berlin highlights as the Brandenberg Gate, The Reichstag, The Holocaust Memorial and much more.

We are full, we are clean, we are happy and for a night, we were German!

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Anonymous upnorth4 said...

How did u guys not tell me about this before? Very cool!


08 July, 2009 12:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


09 July, 2009 15:33  

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