Apartment Living is the Life for Me!

With it being the height of summer, it was becoming more and more difficult for us to book accomodations on the fly. Dresden seemed to be the worst, but we had issues with most of the cities we are planning to visit in the next two weeks.

While I was unable to find an affordable hostel or hotel, Charlton came to the rescue and found an amazing apartment rental company. Even better, they had an opening for our first choice apartment! SCORE!

One of the things I miss the most about being home is having a kitchen to use. It is always hard for us to go into grocery stores and get snacks and food when you have to be able to eat all of the things you buy if they are pershiable or throw them away. So to have a fridge, a stove and all the basic utensils is such a godsend.

The location here is great, allowing us to make quick transfers into and out of the city. We are also close to shopping and one of the castles. Can't beat that! Next time if we can I think I will try to book apartments for the whole trip, its like having a home away from home.

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