Anar al llit a Barcelona, Acorda-se em Lisboa

Last we left off Kristen and I were set off and running here in Lisbon. By the time we got settled into our room and recovered (i.e. showered the sweat from Barcelona off of us) it was about noon.

First destination, lunch. We took off in the general direction of the old town Alfama and stopped for lunch along the way. Typical of us we avoided anyplace that had an inkling of a tourist and ended up in some side shop where the owner and chef spoke no English. We were fortunately treated to a nice lunch of steak, eggs and fries. Not bad, cheap, tasty and filling. Exactly what I look for in a lunch.

Once finished we headed off to Alfama. This is one of the oldest districts in Lisbon and one of the most enjoyable. Similar to Fes, this district is an absolute maze with houses being used as walls. Much of the fun however is getting lost wandering up and down the streets. That’s where you get to see the real Lisbon. Old ladies leaning out their windows, men feeding stray cats only to chase them out later when the cats come in for more, basically people living their lives. We managed to get up to St. George’s Castle and wandered many streets before we decided to come home and relax. Along the way I found a popular dish which I plan on trying before I head out, sardines.

Once back at our place we did something that wasn’t terribly exciting. We rested.

After a few hours we took off again to get a typical dinner. For us on this trip a typical dinner is food from a grocery store. Tonight is was Portuguese sausage, cheese and salad, plus the usual potato chips, or Batatas as they’re called here.

With dinner finished we continued to relax. I decided to get fancy and go on the roof to get some picture of the sunset over the 25 de Abril Bridge. To get to the top of the roof I had to strafe along the outer edge of the building to get to the top. A little risky but it was nice watching the sun set in a large city with no one around.

All in all, Lisbon has been a great spot to be in. I’d like to see more of Portugal, but that will have to wait for another trip. The weather here is phenomenal and the food is very unique. Portugal is a little out of the way when compared to Paris or Munich but it should be a destination that isn’t skipped. Of course I shouldn’t be saying anything because the smaller amounts of tourist here is a good thing!


As stated earlier our Barcelona “pension” had a lot of rules. Here are some from the top of my head. Keep in mind any violation of these rules involved either a fine or getting kicked out on the street.

1. Check in at 4pm, check out at 10am
2. Wake up call at 9am
3. Shower from 8am to 11pm
4. Internet from 8am to 11pm
5. Do not try to fix the internet if broken
6. Do not plug anything into the computer
7. Shower for less than seven minutes
8. Clean the floor if you wash your feet
9. Turn off all lights
10. And so on…

Needless to say we were living on eggshells, which was probably against the rules.

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Anonymous Kristen said...

11. If you use the kitchen its 1 Euro per person per day
12. No smoking in the room, balcony or common areas
13. Do not wash clothes
14. Do not take towels to the beach
15. Stained linens (pillow case and sheets) will incur a fine
16. No visitors allowed in the pension
17. Lost keys are 20 euros, so don't lose the key!

and so on! When we were checking out, 2 girls were trying to check in and asked us outside what we thought of the place. We told them it was nice (which it was) but there were a lot of rules. Both their eyes bugged out, we told them good luck and headed out ;)

04 July, 2009 19:42  

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