Turkish Food Recap

As Andrew Zimmern says, "if it looks good eat it!" and there has been little here that we haven't eaten so that tells you a lot about the food here in Turkey...it's GOOD!

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Anonymous Frederick said...

Hey Waldo n Carmen San Diego,
Looks like your eating your way across the globe....
The food in Turkey looks sooooooo good, and that city looks soooo clean.
Did you get to vist with the locals? I liked that white cat, it looks to be a abisidian breed. I think Turkey is beautiful and of course history in every square inch. Just think of the thousands of year and people that walk were you did!!! I could just feel the story of the lives that passed through between europe and the holy land. You must be feeling all of it. So much fun hey.....LvFritz dad

18 June, 2009 18:11  

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