Trains, Planes and Automobiles (In That Order)

The day started out with a good ol’ McAhren style breakfast of biscuits and gravy. We packed up the last of our newly washed clothes and headed to the Stuttgart train station. We grabbed a sausage pretzel for the journey on the ICE and settled into our 1st class seats.

We only had one transfer in Pasing, and then we were supposed to ride the next train all the way to the airport. Thank goodness we had left a lot of time for ourselves! The train stopped one stop away from the airport where all the passengers were instructed to disembark and ride a shuttle bus into the terminal. HUH?! So after a major cattle call, up the stairs and halfway to the grass field next to the autobahn, we were then told that trains are running again. Then it was back up the stairs and to the platform…it was almost like we were back in India with the crowds. Finally got on the train and made it to the Munich airport!

From Munich we boarded our Alitalia flight to Rome. And when in Rome, what do two travelers eat?! Pasta of course! After filling our bellies we hopped on the last leg of our flight to Istanbul, Turkey.

While we already had a really late flight, leaving at 9:40, the plane was delayed another hour or so the tarmac. Fun times! Alitalia kept the lights on in the cabin for most of the flight, so we only got a little sleep. We finally arrived in Turkey only 10 minutes or so after we were slated to (yay!) but had to wait a long time to get our backpacks. Our hotel sent a driver who picked us up (and knew where he was going, finally!) We are near Assofya and the Blue Mosque, so in perfect position to explore the city.

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