Oh Lord, Won't You Buy Me a Mercedes-Benz?

Today was our first full day in Stuttgart. We slept in and had breakfast here at Travis & Yvonne's and then hopped in the car to hit the town.

Our first stop was Ludwigsburg to see the palace. It was absolutely gorgeous! We spent a lot of time wandering through the gardens. where I got to ride the carousel. From there we made our way to one of the other gardens where they were having a classic car show. We got to see a lot of neat cars, BMW Isetta anyone? There we all grabbed lunch of brats and currywurst. Then it was off to the tour of the palace. We got to see some beautiful rooms exhibiting the palace's Baroque and Classical styling. It was really enjoyable and put some of the other tours we have been on to shame.

Then it was time for us to head back to Stuttgart to visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Eight amazing floors of beautiful cars and automobile history. The musuem was really put together well, I could picture my dad spending days and days in there. We loved it there!

After they kicked us out of the museum, we headed back to the house for some grillin'! Travis and Yvonne prepared an awesome spread, yum!

Tomorrow we head to Istanbul! Baklava here I come!

But first, here are some photos:

From Charlton:

Ok so Frederick of Württemberg lived in the Ludwigsburg Palace. This guy was a big dude. He was 6'11" and weighed 440 pounds. His wife was also a hefty lass, coming in at six feet and 300 pounds. Clearly, our tour guide didn't give the impression that these two were viewed that favorably. In a way it sounded like Frederick was lazy (he liked to have animals captured for him to hunt), dumb (didn't like to read), and fat (he weighed a ton). Basically, he was a drain on society. However he maintained a pretty swanky castle.

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Anonymous Frederick said...

Challenge questions
Where are the pictures of Travis and Yvonne of the great folks at the places you stay? Did you meet some neat fellow travelers? Are there people there? Have you asked to have your pictures taken with local folks No beer steins! No different food of the area? What about the incredible wines. Are you really in Germany? What's the daily life’s all about? Or is this all a video tour, got the T-Shirt NEXT? Love Dad

14 June, 2009 13:48  
Anonymous leadenhall said...

Check the link to the website posted earlier to see all their pictures. We have a running list of all the countries we have met travelers from. We also have a bunch of food pictures which will be posted when we get the chance (and a reliable connection).

16 June, 2009 02:36  

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