The Longest Day

Wow. We are both immensely tired tonight. This is account of starting our day at 2:30am. Silly me, when I had booked our flight I saw that it left Istanbul at 6am and thought nothing of it. Thought nothing of getting up at 2:30, thought nothing of catching the shuttle at 3:00, thought nothing of arriving at the airport two hours early at 4am, evidently I didn’t think of a lot. While it was rough getting from flight to flight we finally got to our hotel here in Munich at 1:30pm or 2:30pm Istanbul time.

Normally I don’t talk too much about hotels; however this one deserves a special mention. The brand is called NH Hotel and they are nice. First of all, we are paying 49 Euro per night which is phenomenal for an expensive place like Munich. Next, the room is modern and well put together. The best part however is the size of the room. This place is huge. It has a kitchen with a bar, as well as separate bedroom and shower. Plus there are two TVs. Great place and too bad we’re not staying more than one night.

After getting cleaned up we headed off to Munich’s Marienplatz to check out the old town here. My initial impression of Munich is that it is pretty awesome. For getting majorly blown away in World War II, it has done a phenomenal job of rebuilding itself in the best way it once was.

The only unfortunate part of checking out Munich today was that it was pretty rainy, so I wasn’t able to take as many pictures as I wanted.

Our first stop was the Englischer Garten which is a huge park/garden as the name suggest. Before we got there we took time to watch the river surfers who were taking advantage of the strong “surf” due to the rains. And yes, I did say river surfers who brave the strong river currents and surf. For those in San Diego it is like the wave house in Mission Bay.

After that we walked around the city checking out the palaces and other architectural highlights of Munich. We got to see numerous castles, hundred plus year old architecture and more. One of my favorites was Asam Church. Inside it was breathtaking and slightly scary. It appeared this church was designed during the gothic period, so not only was there Jesus and all the other usual suspects, but different things such as skulls, skeletons and even a baby throwing up a sunbeam.

Once finished there we went on a quest to find the one place we had to eat in Munich, the Hofbrauhaus. Once we found it we strolled in to find the expected pomp and circumstance for a place like this. The band was playing loudly, the tourist and locals were trying to outdo one another for drunkenness and we had to find food. After asking a local person how to order, he suggested the “crispy pig knuckle”, a Munich specialty. We got this and it was good. Imagine a piece of slow roasted pork about the size of a softball. I’ve learned that Germans know how prepare a pig.

After dinner we booked it back to our hotel. It was a long day that started early and we had to prepared for another long day down to the Neuschwanstein Castle.

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