Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

The camera pans over azure waters, golden beaches, bronzed beauties and brilliant sun. Boutiques and Michelin star restaurants flash across the screen. Robin Leach steps into frame on the beach along La Croisette.

Robin: Welcome to Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous. I am Robin Leach, your host. Today's show we will be following two young and fabulous travellers, Kristen and Charlton, as they explore the French Rivera's hot spots Monaco and Cannes.

Fade to Kristen and Charlton crammed in second class from Nice to Monaco. Being shoved as people attempt to break down the door of the train. Flash to Charlton having to fork over 3 euros for a bottle of water so not to pass out during the changing of the guard. Transition to Kristen and Charlton eating chips and candy on the train station floor when the Monaco McDonald's is too rich for their blood.

Robin: I guess everything can't be champagne wishes and caviar dreams! Looks like for these two its more like cheeseburger wishes and Coke Zero dreams!

After a difficult night in our hotel (very loud), we woke up at 5:45 and headed to the Aix train station to start our French Rivera excursion. First stop was Monaco, and after transferring trains most of the morning we arrived at around 10:30. The weather could not have cooperated any better, it was a gorgeous day to walk along the coast. We first made our way to the casino, took a few pictures of the outside and then headed to the other side of town to check out the palace courtyard for the changing of the guard. We then wandered the streets of the old town before attempting to get lunch at the McDonald's nearby. That plan was quickly squashed when we found out each value meal cost 6.80 Euros! We tucked our tails between our legs and headed back to the station and ate the snacks that we packed hoping we would find some more afforable options when we got to Cannes (you can start laughing now, I know how ridiculous this sounds)

Our train got into Cannes around 2ish and we walked from one end of the beach to the other. We saw our share of topless sunbathers and the like (and no they aren't all worth seeing, think Magda in Something about Mary) Charlton went for a dip in the Mediterranean and then we headed back to the train station to try to find a quicker train back to Aix. No dice, so we found a boulangerie that was open (hard to find on a Sunday) and split a tart slice before settling under a tree along La Croisette and people watching.

We caught our 6:30 train, putting us back to Aix around 9. We didn't even come back to the hotel we headed straight to find food. Not finding many affordable options in the places open we thought we were in heaven when we came across a Quick Burger that was open. We got some bugers and FRENCH fries and then came back to the hotel to relax.

Living fabulously is HARD work ;)

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