Life o.d.T (on the Tauber River)

How about some romance? Well not the swanky, cheap hotel kind... Today Kristen and I were headed to Rothenburg ob der Tauber which is one of the main stops on the Romantische Strasse or Romantic Road here in Southern Germany. No it isn’t a bunch of people making out or the like, but rather it is a series of medieval villages and cities with castles, churches and all the usual trappings.

Rothenburg o.d.T as it is known is considered both one of the most beautiful as well as one of the most crowded stops on the road. However, we lucked out today. First, we are staying at a bed and breakfast run by this German couple which is cheap and very nice. Next, today is Corpus Christi, a national holiday here in Germany. What that meant for us was many of the tourist shops were closed as well as a limited number of tourists milling about. So in a way it was perfect storm to end up here in Rothenburg.

After leaving Heidelberg we arrived inside the old city wall at about 2pm with just enough time to grab lunch at a local tavern. You know it’s local when you walk in all the patrons turn to stare at you. We had a good lunch of an egg, cured ham, butter and bread. Once we finished our first calorie bomb of the day we went off to explore the city.

The first impression of this city is that it is very beautiful. Like movie set beautiful. Walking around the old buildings, you get the feeling if someone tried to break the mold and build a modern building, they would take him to the marketplatz and flog him. All the buildings were built between 1500 to around 1800 and have German sayings painted on the side plus amazing brass work and other ornate details. In other words, it is very picturesque.

Another unique feature Rothenburg has is the city wall. The 1.5 mile wall surrounds the old city. While a city wall isn’t unique, the fact you are able to walk on the top of this city wall is unique. It was very enjoyable today being able to walk around the city all the while enjoying good views.

After wandering around for most of the day we had dinner at a local hotel which was recommended to us. We had a nice meal of two giant bratwursts with some veggies and bread which added back any calories which were burnt today. This was the second calorie bomb.

When we were all finished we walked around the city more until about 9pm when we headed home to try to get some much needed rest.

Tomorrow, Stuttgart.

Auf Widersen!

Oh wait. Tomorrow is so soon! Soon as in right now! (long post alert)

This morning we were heading off to Stuttgart. Fortunately we had the energy from our massive German breakfast. The Germans do breakfast right. Our spread included the following: a roll, Nutella, five kinds of jam, liverwurst, Baby Bell cheese, salami, turkey, more cheese, yogurt, hard boiled egg, watermelon, kiwi and finally some delicious garlic-meat paste which I have never had. So pretty much needless to say, Kristen and I were stuffed after breakfast.

We then headed into Rothenburg for about an hour to get one final sight of the old city. Along the way we met a giant cat who took a liking to us and followed us partway into the walled city. Once we shook the cat off our tail, we proceeded to join the numerous throngs of tourists patronizing the junk, I mean souvenir shops. Once finished it was off to Stuttgart in first class.

Once arriving in Stuttgart, Travis and Yvonne (Kristen’s cousin and his wife) took us around the city. We saw the main areas of the city and visited one of the main parks here. The day itself was very beautiful and was perfect to take a walk like we all did. I even had time to climb on the massive playground equipment that they have set up in the park. Afterwards, we went out for a fantastic dinner at a Greek-German restaurant where we dined on spatzle, pork and moussaka. Overall, the day was a great treat as the weather, food and company were incredible!

On a side note, I am utterly impressed with Travis and Yvonne’s travel credentials. They have been to countless countries plus they live in Europe. They make this trip seem like a trip to the end of the drive to collect the Sunday paper. Now that’s impressive!

So many days have gone by without photos. No longer…

Well, if you've made it this far I'm impressed. I'll even offer a reward.

"If you are a vegetarian, don't come to Germany."

That is all.

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