In Brugge

Another day, another train ride. We awoke in Hamburg at 5:30 this morning to make our train ride to our newly determined destination: Bruges, or Brugge or Stupid Flanders.We decided to visit Brugge rather than Brussels because it looked like all there was to see in Brussels was some boy pissing.

We were glad we made this choice. The hotels here in Brugge are cheaper and there is a lot more to see. It's a beautiful place with fancy architecture from the Middle Ages. Plus it is a lot calmer than all the capital cities we have been running around in for the past few days. On top of all that since it's Belguim we got chocolate, and fries with mayonnaise. We even splurged and went on a boat tour of the canals of the city.

All was well until Kristen lost her sandal getting off the boat. She had resigned all hope and was planning to go the rest of the trip with only one sandal until her savior, Charlton, fished in the canal and got her nasty sandal out.

All was well once again.

Tomorrow we ride the rails once more to and through Brussels on our way to Luxembourg with a final destination of Dijon, for real.

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