Depart Varanasi : Arrive Delhi

Ok, after three exciting, educational, frustrating, disgusting days in Varanasi, we arrived in Delhi. Let's recap the day. Starting off the average temperature in Varanasi for the days we have been there is about 105 degrees Fahrenheit plus whatever warmth the sun provides to get a total heat index of about 115 degrees or so. That is F-ING hot. That's the only way to describe it. So basically this morning we decided to sleep in as long as our air conditioning was on. In addition to being unfathomably hot Varanasi has surprise brownouts. These little nuggets of power outages come sometime or another, usually when it is F-ING hot out and you're hiding out from the heat. At any rate, our brownout came at 8am which triggered us to go get breakfast of delicious porridge and bananas. After breakfast our power was mercifully on. We hung out until lunchtime, then got lunch paid for our hotel and got one final Varanasi "screw you". Our hotel booked us a cab to the airport. The ride is about one hour and when they picked us up it was in a big air-con SUV. No such luck this time. Instead, we traveled to the airport in an Ambassador. This car is a British era relic from the 50's (probably 1650). It's essentially a tin car on wheels and no AC. So the drive to the airport consisted of us sitting by the window staring out. Since it was so hot out the breeze wasn't that much of a breeze. If you want to get the feeling at home go turn your car on and stick your face directly in front of the the exhaust and you'll get an idea.

We then got to the airport in Varanasi which is pretty much a lovable dump and have the following fun occur:

- Flight delayed by 1.5 hours. Flights are delayed here as if arriving on time would cause the plane to incinerate.
- Me having the excitement of pushing a fat man trying to cut in line.
- Kristen getting felt up by a lady security guard.
- Watch a drunk guy get in a fight with security and subsequently getting kicked out of the airport.

So after much trial we made it to Delhi. Got our driver who didn't know where he was going, but finally making it here. Phew!

This is India.

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Anonymous Nathan said...

Germany will definitely be a complete 180 from your last 9 days in India. Hope everything is well and New Delhi treats you well.

04 June, 2009 19:38  

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