Daytripping in Delhi

After Varanasi, we were both really anxious to see what Delhi would hold for us.  We didn't get settled into our guesthouse until about 9 or so and still hadn't had any dinner.  Ajay, the owner, pointed us in the direction of the local train station (not more than a 5 minute walk) where they had a food court.  Charlton got to pretend that he was on the stock market floor and had to push his way through a mob of people to order our dinner.  Fun times!  After gobbling down our dinner and getting some cash, we headed back to our room to try to get tickets for our trip to Agra on Saturday.  After searching every possible train and still ending up 20th on a waiting list, we decided we would try our luck with the Delhi Tourism Company.

The tour company also has day tours through Delhi and since we got in so late we didn't have a chance to see if they had any openings for today's tours.  So we woke up bright and early and called the office and were able to get seats for today's full day tour as well as their Saturday trip to Agra (score!)  We scarfed down the breakfast that Ajay put together (muesli, yogurt, juice and toast - yum!) before he wrangled us a tuk tuk.

We arrrived at the tour office in great time, where they promptly loaded us on a bus for a whirlwind trip throughout the city.  Our guide would have been a perfect personal trainer for as hard as he was pushing us in the 100+ degree weather.  "Ladies and gentlemen, it is now 10:00 you will be back on the bus at 10:20.  Now get off!"  Although we made great time and were able to see the following:
At each place it was like we being followed by the paparazzi, we had tons of people asking to take their pictures with us.  And you also had the pack of guys that just like to stare.  It's like they have never seen a sweaty white girl before.  haha.

Lunch was uninspired veg biryani from the local greasy spoon, and when I say greasy I mean GREASY.  Although, we faired better with our choice than our fellow Aussie traveller Laura, whose veg sandwich was a slice of cucumber between white bread.

After an exhausting day, the bus dropped us off near Connaught Place.  Charlton and I were craving McMajaraja burgers since we first had them in Varanasi so we were watching the windows like hawks so we could backtrack to get our dinner.  I was so excited for my value meal I slipped coming out of the bus and got a nice big welt on my forearm, go me!  Dinner didn't disappoint though.

Then it was time for us to make our way back to our room and take it easy, watch some old American Idol and get cleaned up and ready for our big trip tomorrow.  Our guest house owner is even packing us a lunch so we wont have to be stuck eating icky food tomorrow, so refreshing to find someone to watch out for us here.  Such a welcome change from Varanasi.  But time for some shut eye, we have an early morning and full day ahead!

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