Ahh, Provence!

We checked out of our Dijon hotel this morning and made our way to the Les Halles, the city's covered market. I was in heaven! We wandered through the rows of pastries, cheeses, and meats (skinned rabbit anyone?) We picked up some pain aux chocolate for breakfast and grabbed some goodies for lunch and then slowly walked our way to the train station making sure to stop in the Jardin Darcy to eat our breakfast.

Today was another full day of train riding as we made our way from Dijon down to Aix en Provence. We took the shuttle from the train station to the city center and settled into our hotel. Hooray free wi-fi! After some much needed relaxing made our way to Cours Mirabeau and walked along the famous street. We poked our heads into a couple art shows and got a free jazz concert and a bit of a choir recital. We picked up some pastries for dessert and ate them Place de la Rotonde.

We turned in early to relax some more and do some laundry in the hotel sink, you would love our jerry-rigged clothesline! We are hoping to get to bed soon so we can get up early for a day trip through the rest of Provence and the French Riveria. Should be très magnifique!

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