What I dislike about Japan...

are Japanese style toilets!

While the Japanese can add all sorts of features to "western style" toilets (heat, bidet, etc) The fact of the matter is a hole in the ground is still the most popular option. ick!

This is the worst when you are on a train and you don't want to leave looking like you have had an accident (hello, I have a bum arm and can't brace myself well)

While I will miss Japan when we leave I sure won't be missing these!

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Anonymous Brandi said...

Those are crazy! I don't even understand... and I don't think I want to :)

07 May, 2009 23:15  
Anonymous Carolyn Cheerleader said...

Have a good trip, will you stay with your Mom, Charlton ?

08 May, 2009 02:06  
Anonymous jeff9 said...

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09 May, 2009 06:35  

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