Snake, Snake, It's a Snake!

Yesterday we headed to the Red Cross' Snake Farm.  It has tons of venomous snakes that it uses to create anti-venom.  It also has a bunch of non-venomous snakes for educational purposes.  Outdoors it has huge encloures for cobras and pythons.  Then inside it has two stories of everything snake related.  Very very interesting.

We were able to see the milking presentation in the morning which was held in their indoor auditorium. Then we went and got some lunch nearby at a street stall (yummy chicken and rice!) and then got ice cream before heading back for the snake show. The show was about an hour presentation on various venomous and non-venous snakes and we got to see a lot of cobras in action. Then Charlton and I were brought up at the end of the show, to be blessed in a Thai wedding custom of having a snake draped between us for a "long wedded life".

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