Retail Therapy

After staying out late last night, we got a bit of a late start today. However, I did have the best wake up call ever...my parents and my brother! Yay! After I got off the phone, I headed to my favorite fruit stand, got us some mangoes and we got dressed for a full day of shopping.

First, we headed to Big C and got our passport photos taken for our Cambodian visas. Then out to lunch with Suksri and Charlton's aunt Kuntalee at the BEST Pad Thai restaurant. So good! We are already trying to plan a return visit *wink wink*

Then Charlton and I headed to Chatuchak Weekend Market again. We had high hopes of getting a customized piece of art but ended up missing the artist. Finding his stall though was totally like an episode of Amazing Race though, was kind of exciting. After that we wandered around the market for awhile, then made our way across the street to visit the fruit market (Or Tor Kor), where we each got a coconut to drink/eat (Nathan - They were only like 33 cents a piece! Crazy huh!?)

We didn't find what we wanted from Chatuchak, so we made our way to MBK and did some MAJOR shopping! We got dinner at the food court and then made our way back to the condo loaded with goodies. Then we headed to the pool to cool off from our long day.

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