Off to Chiang Mai!

We are all checked in and waiting at our gate...Chiang Mai here we come!

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Anonymous Frederick said...

Really enjoyed the pic's from your, Khwi train trip. I remember the first time your mother and I went. I think it was her first time too. I always felt back in the day 1980's going to BKK was like stepping back in time 50 years. I seem to remember the RR cars being of all wood on our trip. It's kind of grueling as you travel through the hottest providence in southeast Asia. I see Kristen fared better than you Waldo whimp. Did you swim and cool off at the end water falls? Imagine those poor soldiers what they went through to build that RR. It was a engineering feat in itself, and certainly paid for in suffering and blood. What was it 12,000 died. Not to mention that the genocide of indigenous people of southeast Asia that died were equal if not more than the Jewish people in the concentration camps. All at the hands of the e Japanese When we were there if I remember right the steel bridge was the replacement built by the Japanese, or maybe replaced in 1949. The river was down at the time we were there and I remember, talking to the locals (back then) they point out the original wood pillions in the the river to the left of the current bridge. That was a fun and impressive trip, as I'm sure an experience you'll always remember......Fritzdad

19 May, 2009 08:01  

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