Morning in Kurashiki

Hooray for a reprieve from hostel living, last night we stayed at the Toyoko Inn here in Kurashiki. So nice not to here slamming doors and people screaming at each other all throughout the night. The fact that we have a relaxed schedule today is good as well, no 8:17 trains to catch! We will be leaving on a local JR line, and should get to Hiroshima in an hour and half. As long as we are out of here by 10 we are golden.

Today in Hiroshima should be interesting. I thought it was definitely something I needed to see in person, but I am apprehensive on how I am going to feel about seeing everything. All of my grandpas were at Pearl Harbor so I have a little more of the connection to it than I think Charlton does. May be rough, so we will see. The guidebooks say the memorial will ruin your day so plan accordingly (great!) If thats the case we may turn in early and watch some slingbox.

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