Last We Left Off...

Last time we wrote down anything of significance was the day before we left for Chiang Mai. It's now Saturday and time to do a recap of events.

On Monday we met with my cousin Komm, to go see the Grand Palace, the Emerald Buddha Temple and Wat Po. However, before we left we went to get lunch. Our lunch was at a "Khao Mon Gai" restaurant. Khao Mon Gai or Boiled Greasy Chicken. The food was delicious but that was to be expected since the restaurant had been around for many years and was featured in an article in one of Bangkok's newspapers, "The Nation". So basically what the chicken boiled down to was that the meal was very delicious.

Next, Komm was nice enough to drive us to the Grand Palace. When we go there, we were greeted with a series of three surprises:

- You have to be dressed very conservatively. Shorts not allowed, nor bare shoulders. This meant that I had to rent purple pants and Kristen had to borrow a big silk sarong. However, it was about 95 degrees outside. So more clothes, less fun.

- Admission is 350 baht for foreigners. This is amazingly expensive. Much more than the daily earnings of a Thai person. Every time I come back to Thailand, every temple charges more admission fees at a higher rate. It's actually a bit frustrating being nickel and dimed at every little temple you set your foot in.

- The Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple are beautiful as always. In addition the high admission fee seems to keep the Temple in a better condition than it had been.

Afterward, we went to Wat Po, which has the reclining Buddha as well as a traditional Thai massage. My Mom, Kristen and I all got massages. It was a one hour massage for $10 per person. A great deal for a fantastic massage. In a way it made up for the 50 baht admission fee to the temple.

We then went home relaxed after a long day with much site seeing. It was a touristy day but a fun day.

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