It's Been a Khlong Time

Today was going to be a relaxing today after yesterday's thrilling adventure to the River Kwai. We decided to take a relaxing day to Thaling Chan which is district in the western area of Bangkok. The area is know for it's floating market and endless amount of canals, or khlongs.

While visiting Thalin Chan we were going to take a three hour tour...

"So sit right back and you'll hear a tale... a tale a Bangkok canal trip... that started from a tropic port... aboard a banana boat..."

And so on...

I've taken the tour before and it has been enjoyable. Of the three hours you spend two of it cruising the khlongs and the other hour doing various activities. This includes visiting a Buddhist temple, feeding hungry, hungry carp, and visiting another market. We also had a delicious lunch of chicken satay, a Thai spring roll and a bowl of Tom Yum (spicy!) soup.

Overall, the khlong tour was a good time and a fantastic way to see how Bangkok used to live.

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