I love gooooold!

This morning Charlton and I ventured out on our own. We skipped the pool as it was raining and headed out around 10ish. We caught the bus down the street from the condo and headed to the Golden Mount. It was absolutely beautiful, we had such a great view of the city.

Afterward we visited the rest of the buildings in the complex, including the monk's quarters and other halls. One of the temples was having a special event, where the monk's and followers were walking around carrying flowers and gifts. Also there were some temple workers that were serving lunch. We got some papaya salad and some noodles. The papaya salad was the best we have had (so good!)

Then with full bellies we walked to the marble temple. While the inside was very nice, we were disappointed a little in the outside as it was covered up. They had some beautiful buddhas outside the temple though. There were a lot of "tour guides" though offering us to take us around, one of the downsides of not having Suksri with us.

Then Charlton and I headed to a random temple out by river, as we thought it was one that Suksri had recommended (wrong temple though) It wasn't much to look at but we were the only westerners there so it was kind of fun. There were lots of dogs and cats there too for us to watch.

After a failed attempt at trying to get a water taxi home we walked back to the bus stop and got back to the area near the condo where we grabbed dinner of Moo Dang and then got custard for dessert. Then it was time for a dip in the pool in the rain before we came home and visited with Charlton's cousin, Komm.

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Anonymous Frederick said...

WOW.....What a exciting trip. Off to college, getting married in a snake wedding, and celebrating with a durian party flowing like gold from the temples....MMMMMMMMMMM sounds good, looks good, smells good ahhhh Bangkok
Love the pictures .......do they have any Dook Dooks any more? I'll have a Larb n Singha!!!

14 May, 2009 21:05  

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