Ayutthya & Lop Buri

As most of you know I had a few goals for my Thailand trip:
1. Eat awesome food & as much fruit as I could get my hands on
2. Try durian
3. Visit a floating market
4. Shop at some of the bazaars and markets
5. Ride an elephant
6. See some temples
7. Visit the monkey temple

We had done everything on my list except going to the monkey temple, so while we were in Chiang Mai Suksri arranged a day trip to Ayutthya and Lop Buri so I could check it off my list. Suksri's friend, PT, came with us and even orchestrated a free ride for Charlton and I.

We rode the train up to Ayutthya first, the capital of Thailand before Bangkok. It was absolutely gorgeous there. We saw quite a few temples there and enjoyed the feel of the city a lot more than Chiang Mai (although Charlton was irked at all the admission fees). We grabbed some lunch at a place near the train station and then headed onto Lop Buri.

When we got to Lop Buri, we got bike rickshaws to drive us around the city so we could see the city. We headed to the museum, where PT and Suksri negiotiated our free admission after we threw a stink about having to pay to go in. The museum was very nice and we learned a lot about the area. After that we headed to the monkey temple. We were blocks away and we began to see monkeys on the street and up on the power lines. When we got to the temple it was CHAOS! There were monkeys everywhere! When Charlton went a few years ago it was free, and now they wanted to charge for us to go in, so we decided to view the monkeys from the lawn outside the temple. And that was enough for us! The monkeys got in a huge fight over some food and one jumped on another tourist. Can we say RABIES?! We all thought we made a wise choice not to go in. As soon as we got to the rickshaw it started to rain (can we say perfect timing?!) We then hopped back on the train to make our way back to Bangkok.

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