In Takayama!

Hello from Takayama (Houmeitaigumi Preservation Area).
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Anonymous Frederick said...

Well, almost a week, and how are you adjusting?
Hey you guys are starting to even look japanese..... must be the food...lvd

28 April, 2009 06:04  
Anonymous Austin said...

You guys rock! Post more pictures . . .

28 April, 2009 14:30  
Anonymous Austin said...

Charlie . . .Don't forget to shave!

28 April, 2009 20:43  
Anonymous leadenhall said...

Never!!!!! Actually, I may in the next few days...in Takayama the bathrooms were so cold that you could see your breath. No way was I going to consider it!

29 April, 2009 08:46  
Anonymous Kristen said...

Takayama was FREEZING! We are lucky we even brushed our teeth it was so cold in that house. We sat huddled up in front of the heater the whole time we were in our room.

29 April, 2009 18:37  

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