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About thelejo.com

Welcome to The Leadenhall Journal or thelejo.com. Starting off, I'll answer where the name thelejo came from. Back in 2007 I decided I wanted to start a blog to put some of my ideas, photos, observations etc... Rather than using a website with just my name, I tried to find a title which I was comfortable as using as my site name. What I found was the Leadenhall Market which is a covered market in London. I liked the name "leadenhall" and rather call this a blog, I called it a journal. Hence, the leadenhall journal : thelejo.com.

About Charlton

Hi, I'm Charlton, the author of this journal. I started off in Cleveland, Ohio in 1981 and spent the first eighteen years of my life there. After my time in the Midwest I moved to San Diego to go to San Diego State University where I majored in Finance. After graduation in 2004, I worked in consulting and finance before taking time off in April 2009 to travel and go to graduate business school. In my spare time I work on my photography, travel, and watch Cleveland Indians baseball and Chargers and Browns football.

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