So I Went Back in Time....

Hotel Bristol in Old Austria

And took this photo. I actually purchased it at a swap meet. It is of the Hotel Bristol in Salzburg, Austria.

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Photography in Your Backyard

Through the Weeds

Every once in a while I try to go in the backyard and find something worthwhile to take a picture of. Today it was foxtails. This is perfect since there are a ton of them back there. Plus, I wanted to play around with my manual settings and manual focus on my camera a little bit.

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Lonely Road in the Chagrin Metroparks

The Chagrin Metroparks

The Chagrin Metroparks in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Sante Fe Depot, Downtown San Diego

San Diego Santa Fe Train Depot

Santa Fe Depot
, San Diego, California. San Diego's Union Station.

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Balboa Park at Night

Museum of Balboa Park

Check out this Churrigueresque architecture!

Found in Balboa Park, San Diego, California.

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Avoid Debt Like the Plauge!

Recession, high oil, expensive gas, and foreclosures. It seems in this day and age there are all sorts of financial concerns. From a personal finance standpoint, one of the biggest handicaps you can give for your future is personal indebtedness. Whether it be credit card debt, auto debt or any other type of debt, it can appear overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many types of solutions. One solution that I have come across is the online debt solution Net Debt.

Net Debt is a worthwhile website to take a look at if you have debt issues. At first glance of the site there is a video of a woman introducing you to the site. In addition there are a few tools that I found would be helpful to managing your debt. First, there is a calculator which displays how much you could possibly save if you try out their solution. This is nice because it is possible to see what benefit a site like this could provide. Also, they have a nice questionnaire which you can fill out to see if their service is right for you. Overall, if you are inundated in debt and need a solution this website could be right for you.

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Rehab Like a Celebrity

Drug Rehab. Chemical Dependency. Alcohol Addiction. Those are topics most people would like to avoid. However, it is sometimes intervention is an essential tool in saving someone’s life. Fortunately, many resources and tools exist to conquer chemical dependencies including addiction treatment. It is important to find a good resource to help out with the process. A worthwhile drug treatment center I have come across is Cliffside Malibu. Their website is loaded with information regarding all the issues that accompany chemical dependencies. In fact, they maintain a blog that supports all sorts of different topics including: 12 step, drug rehab and many, many other topics and issues.

Overall, the website has a very organized setup. At the top of the page there is extensive information about the center itself, and on the left hand side there are tons of resources regarding rehab and chemical dependency. In addition, it is located in Malibu, California. This is a perfect place to spend time outdoors and on the beach to clear one’s mind. To conclude, chemical dependency is a large issue in many people’s lives. It has destroyed families and severed relationships. If rehabilitation is something you are considering, then please consider Cliffside Malibu.
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