Photo of the Day 03.30.08

The Screaming Seagull!

It's not everyday that you see a seagull screaming in the street.

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The California Poppy

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Photo of the Day 03.08.08

Phi Mai Tree Altar

This picture is from the base of a large Banyan tree in Phimai, Thailand.

From planetware.com

"A road behind the bridge across the Menam Mun leads to the right to a reservoir and, after about a mile, to a botanical wonder, an enormous Banyan tree (Ficus indiaca), whose canopy of leaves has a diameter of 85 m (279 ft) and which, despite its network of aerial roots branching out in all directions, needs to be supported by concrete pillars. Its shade provides welcome shelter for whole families. The tree stands on an island, on whose banks are several restaurants."

You can see more of my pictures from Phimai here.

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Photo of the Day 03.02.08

Bike Path in Tecolote Canyon

Today I went for a walk down in Tecolote Canyon in San Diego California and took a bunch of pictures. You can see them here:

Tecolote Pictures

Tecolote Canyon is an interesting place to walk around. It is stuck right in the middle of San Diego suburbia in the Clairemont area. Going through Tecolote Canyon on one side is Balboa Avenue which used to be a freeway, and now its just another busy California road. Also on any hard surface you can find graffiti which is evidenced by the photos. Anyway, it was a nice little walk and I got some decent pictures out of it. Enjoy!

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