Ready for the Show

Here's a picture before the light show starts.
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Top of Hong Kong

This is the peak of Hong Kong. Doesn't get much more amazing than
this. All you have to do in order to get up here is take a ten minute
tram ride after taking the mid level escators up. Once again,
absolutely amazing.
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Around HK

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Hong Kong Nights

The view from where I'm sitting in Hong Kong.

Very intense.

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Made it to Hong Kong

On the streets of hong kong.
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Off to Macau

I am getting ready to leave to Macau.

My mom and I will be there and Hong Kong for about four days.
Currently as the picture shows, I am at the new Bangkok airport. Its
pretty modern. Plus they have wireless internet.

Right now there is some guy looking over my shoulder and staring
lovingly at my iPhone. I think he is either from Macau, Hong kong or
maybe Singapore as I can't understand a word that he is saying.

He finally left. Phew. He'll probably be sitting next to me on the

Will write again soon.

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Still in Thailand

Here at a mall. They have many of the stores that are in the united
states. Its pretty amazing, Thailand is now so much more modern than
even ten years ago.

I will head to hong kong tomorrow. More to come later.

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Made it Through Tokyo

Well I have made it through Tokyo in one piece and now getting ready for Bangkok.

I feel that in a short time I saw all the major sites, Tsjuki, Shibuya, Meiji Shrine, etc... my legs are telling me that I saw quite a lot!

Overall, I really enjoyed my time here. By far Tokyo is the closest to western city that is in Asia as I have ever seen (Bangkok being my limited perspective). Another thing that was surprising to me was it being relatively cold (around low to mid 50s Fahrenheit).

Tokyo was easy to get around and all the people were very helpful with whatever questions I had, though it was not always simple to communicate due to the language barrier. However, I would recommend Tokyo as a city everyone should absolutely visit if they have the opportunity.

Hope to get some pictures up soon!


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Well I Made It!

I made it to Tokyo. So far I am really enjoying it. The people are very nice. The flight over was not that bad at all. The only difficulty I had was due to filling out my immigration paperwork in pencil instead of pen.

The hotel is very intimate (tiny) but fits my needs perfectly. I also really enjoy how there is food to eat absolutely everywhere.

Anyway, all is well and will keep on touring and updating.


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I'm at My Gate

I'm here in LA by my gate. I've done everything there is to do in this terminal so I'm going to mess around on the internet.

I also looked at currency exchange the rates they gave were as follows

$1 = 27 Thai Baht...going rate is 31 Baht per Dollar

$1 = 97 Yen... going rate is around 110 Yen per Dollar.

I think I need to get in the currency exchange business.

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I'm Out of Here!

I got an earlier flight and am now headed to Los Angeles.
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Almost Time...

Getting some of my stuff together. Nothing beats last minute packing.
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The Camera I Will be Using

For this trip I'm switching to a new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T20 camera
with 8.1 megapixels. Let's see how well the photos turn out. I've been
pleased with Sony cameras in the past, and will hopefully be happy
with this one as well.

This photo was taken with an iPhone in case you were wondering

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Movie Post (YouTube)

Traffic in Bangkok, on YouTube!

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Movie Post (Blogger)

I'm going to try and update this site with videos too. First we'll try this through Blogger.

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Four Days to Go

I only have four days left until I head out. Pictured below is what I
plan on seeing if I were going to rural Japan (which I'm not). This
rather is a picture of a picture of Japan.
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Where I Am Going




Hong Kong

Narita or Chiba City

This will be my first time in Japan. I'm only spending a few days there so it'll be a great time to sample the local culture and prepare me for future trips! I have also never been to Macau or Hong Kong. I am especially looking forward to Hong Kong because my Grandfather went to University there. After University he ended up in Bangkok, which is where my mother is from.

I think this may be about my 14th or 15th time to Thailand. As always I hope to discover some new things (and not those new things that occur at Patpong).

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