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OK, a few days ago I did a quick review on travel websites here and here. So now you have all these resources to buy airplane tickets, hotels and rental cars. The next logical question is you have a huge list of hotels in one particular area at the same price, which do you choose? This is where TripAdvisor.com comes in.

TripAdvisor, is essentially what the name says, a website which advises you on which hotels to choose. This is done by providing user review of a huge amount hotels as well as attractions in specific cities, maps and more. So let's say you're heading to Budapest (which was originally two cities), Hungary and you need to find a place to stay. If you type in Budapest in the search box then get to the Budapest hotels section you can see that the #1 hotel in Budapest is the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal. You can click on the hotels and read travelers reviews on the hotel and get average pricing as well. They have reviews for attractions for each city as well. This way you can decide in advance whether to go biking through the street or take a open air tour bus for example.

The only thing that I try to keep in mind when I read all the reviews here is that different people have different standards. For some people short sheeting a bet can cause them to review a hotel poorly whereas that wouldn't matter for me. In other words, take each specific review with a grain of salt, but pay attention to the trend as a whole.

I think TripAdvisor is a great resource for anyone doing vacation planning. What sites do you like to use as there are many to use, like VirtualTourist.com. Comment below and let me know what you think.

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Blogger Lady D said...

nice info!
yeah i think we need this one, my last trip to China was very awfull because we dont know anything there...

08 June, 2007 03:04  
Blogger cclemens31 said...

Yes I agree, I've only used TripAdvisor extensively for the US and Europe. Next time I go to Asia, I will be sure to give it a run to see how well it works. From quick glances it appears to do well if you're looking for a decent hotel v. a youth hostel.

09 June, 2007 12:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think people overlook the importance of people having different standards. Knowing the person who provides you with a recommendation makes a huge difference. One answer is to get to know people who write the reviews, which seems daunting and unappealing. The other is to consult people you DO know about the places you want to go. TripConnect enables this - helping you tap into your personal network for travel advice.

11 June, 2007 11:26  

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