To Catch a Viralink or Not...

After being around this blog game for about a month now, I've made a few determinations. First, there are a huge amount of blogs. Trying to develop a good balance of sorting, reading and comprehending all of them takes an enormous amount of time. This is all done while trying to maintain my own blog with useful information as well. That's quite the challenge.

The other observation I have is that many of the blogs I come across are blogs on how to make money doing blogs. I think this is great. If you're making money with your blog more power to you. However, like all other things, in order to make money you need have a high volume of "customers", ie readers, to come to your site click on your ads etc...

So this leaves us with the issue of getting readers to your site. With a quick search of Google on "improving your blog rank" or "improving your Technorati rank" comes up with a new idea: Viralinks. This idea, less than a month old is sort of a blogging pyramid scheme. How it works is you put a grid of 120 "*" on your blog site and people copy the grid with your blog address linked in one of the *s and then add theirs and pass it on. So basically, at each level, more links will be exchanged and blog ranking will increase.

So for the past day I've been wrestling with idea of whether to give it a shot or not. I've decided not to use it. There are two reasons, as pyramid marketing in real life isn't appealing because you have to hock items to your friends, and get them to sell to their friends (think Amway). Then secondly, with links flying all around that arbitrarily links to others doesn't add any marginal value to people trying to find information on specific content.

This is why I think viralinks is aptly named. It is a virus. It benefits those who spread it around. However, think of the consequences. Blogs with poor content, but with many viralinks will have a high ranking and more readers, but the content may not be that useful to all the readers that the blog ranking has brought in. So overall, there is not much value being added.

I know all blogs, including myself try to increase their ranking, however I think viralinks cross some ethical line due to the fact that I would be promoting my blog not for its content, but my ability to market. What do you think, is viralinking something you would consider?

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Blogger MG Siegler said...

Good call. You're right though, A LOT of big blogs out there talk about little else than how they are making money on their blog... People read them only hoping to make more money on their blogs, then they start talking about the same thing - and around we go.

21 June, 2007 04:36  
Blogger cclemens31 said...

Yeah that seems to be an aggravating thing of the whole blog "network". Its especially worrisome that the viralinks idea catches on. If that's the case good luck finding any relevant information that you may be looking for.

24 June, 2007 00:37  

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