Make Your Own Sales and Save Money!

So a lot of people I know joke with me about trying to find the best deal on anything. Many of you will know these tips but I thought I'd share regardless.

1 - The first thing I do no matter what is check eBay. More specifically, I go the upper right and click on "advanced search". This brings you to a fantastic tool, the completed listing search. Ebay stores completed listings for the past 90 days in their database. After you login and search what you're looking for, sort by price to see the going rate. Since eBay is turning into and efficient marketplace you can get an idea of a cheaper yet realistic price. Sometimes though, the best price you'll find is on eBay, so you may have to bid or do a "Buy it Now".

2 - Go to Froogle and search for what you're looking for. If you find it at the eBay price, you're probably starting to get the idea that the price you've found is a good deal.

3 - Search on Google for your product. Look for coupons at potential stores, discounts on the item, refurbished items, etc...

4 - If it's electronics, take a look at the Sunday ads for Best Buy, Circuit City and the like. Many of the items listed in there are loss leaders, which are basically items that are sold at or below cost to get you in the store. If you can get in the store, get what you're looking for and get out without buying anything other than what you're looking for, then you've beat the man.

These are just a few tips that I have. I'm interested to hear from you on what ideas you use to save money. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know.

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