IPhone has got the Industry on Its Knees

Got an article here regarding the iPhone's release on Friday. I'm pretty sure we'll be ushering a new wave of millionaires in the coming weeks. The reason I say this is that I am sure right now there are individuals that are manufacturing accessories for the iPhone as we speak. In fact, you can get many of those accessories right now. The next few weeks will let us know whether this is the next boom cell phone product (like the iPod) or bust (like the iTunes RAZR).

From another perspective it looks like Apple's stock has been on the way up for the past year so it appears the iPhone value is built in already. However, if the iPhone fails there could be some value that could be captured with a short sell or a put. The only question remains, how popular will the iPhone be? I'll be sure to tell you in six months or sooner if Apple ever gets that iTimeMachine working.

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