Consolidated Links as of 26.June.07

There is a lot of interesting stuff going on today. Perhaps I'll comment on it all real quick.

Dow, Murdoch in Agreement on Safeguards
- The fact that they are talking about "maintaining journalistic integrity" probably means that Dow Jones/WSJ has found a suitor in News Corp.

iPhone May Not Rock Phone Industry
- Perhaps the iPhone is not all that. Without wireless downloads, the iPhone may not take off as everyone is expecting it to. Apple is on a tedious balance beam right now. The iPhone has to be a success, unfortunately one little thing can derail it and cause it to be deemed a failure. Could the no wireless downloads be that one little thing?

JetBlue Founder: Storm Cost CEO Job

- Yes it did, but who will probably be the most prepared next time? JetBlue. Otherwise, another CEO will bite the dust.

NBC Not Looking to Kill YouTube
- NBC/Fox venture just looking to severely harm "YouTube". But in a nice way.

Blackstone Units Close Below $31 IPO Price

- Private equity boom over. Many investors think so. I sure hope you sold your shares of Blackstone after the post-IPO bump. If not look forward to a private equity shop acquiring Blackstone, firing high cost employees then reselling the company. Probably not, but boy would that be ironic!

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