Consolidated Links as of 13.June.2007

Top 10 Luxury Vehicles With the Highest Resale Value
- Honda and Toyota enter luxury status, Lexus and Acura now designated as super-duper luxury

The Economist Daily Roundup of Economic News
- Some fancy pants news from across the pond, interesting domestic news though about US bonds prices higher, sub-prime lenders coming up with new schemes

Apple Launches Safari Browser for Windows

- I tried it, its pretty good, however I can't see any differentiation that that will get me away from Firefox.

XM, Sirius highlight organizations supporting merger
- Will they, won't they, will they, won't they... I'm not buying anything until I get all my sports radio on one service

Shot Up Polos

- You're kidding right, lemme give you $100 so I can buy a polo some yokel shot up, just keep the used underwear away from me

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